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Dana and Michael, founders of Codex Anatomicus

As a friends and family-run creative business, we started up Codex Anatomicus in 2017 with the aim to reflect the artistic beauty of human anatomy and make the process of learning medicine more fun. We chose one style to begin with, but today we are experimenting with various artistic styles - because anatomy has a creative side to it and we want to prove it!😍

In our shop, you will find various anatomy art prints and beautiful medical gifts that showcase our passion for creativity and love for medical art. Over the years, we have made some great friends, such as Danish Kidney Association or Sorbonne Université, and we are proud that today our anatomy art supports fundraising for charitable causes. We also owe a massive thanks to our community of over 240,000 medical professionals and anatomy art lovers for supporting us on this journey. We hope that you will find something beautiful and educational, or something crazy and fun, in our medical art shop today (if you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to give us a shout, we love a creative challenge!). 🥰



When browsing, you will notice that we have a range of various designs and styles that we have developed throughout the years. 

We invented our signature antique and chalkboard styles in 2017. We developed our first collections in order to bring the element of fun and style to understanding human anatomy and physiology. Through highly accurate anatomical descriptions derived from the latest research in the field of human anatomy, they combine the educational and artistic value in one piece. We are proud to say that today these art prints are decorating homes, clinics, anatomy classrooms and personal study spaces across the globe.

Later that year we continued our creative experiments by introducing our take on human anatomy through geometric, dictionary page, steampunk styles. Some designs are minimalist and modern, others are dreamy and retro-looking, but all of them are aiming to represent how aesthetically appealing our hearts, kidneys, livers and lungs can be! 

Next additions to our collection were our beloved watercolor and floral human anatomy designs. You will notice that these unique art pieces are exceptionally bright and colorful. That was the whole point of it actually - we wanted to turn human anatomy into statement art pieces that you always want to look at. Hopefully we've succeed it making the anatomy look more aesthetically pleasing, let us know what you think! 😃 

The latest collection that we released in 2021 is the line art. It's probably our most elegant collection to date. These abstract line art anatomy illustrations on a soft beige background are subtle and minimalist. We love these art prints as are exceptionally stylish and they work amazingly in any home or clinic, adding a unique modern look (we hope you'll love them as much as we do!). 



You will notice that we have also created a range of amazing accessories inspired by our anatomy art designs. Our enamel pins, badge reels, water resistant stickers, patches and apparel have become popular and much loved gifts for medical students, nurses, doctors, all sorts of health workers and anatomy fans. We love brainstorming the new designs, so please make sure to watch this space - you will always discover a new connection between creativity and anatomy in our shop 🥰 



  • We Are An Independent Creative Business

We are proud to be a small team of family and friends running this art project. We are also a 50% female-led business. We pride ourselves in being on top of the latest research in the field of anatomy (which guides our designs) and keeping up to date with the latest design trends and printing techniques. Each art print is made to order by us to ensure you get a truly unique anatomy art experience. We do all designing, production, and packing from our small cosy studio in Northern Europe. We are very grateful to you for supporting our work!

  • Not A Typical Flimsy Poster

Posters are typically printed in bulk and use low-quality inks and cheap paper that leads to less saturated colors, very quick fading, and breakage. In contrast, we print our designs on matte thick art paper that weighs 230g, has a pleasant velvety finish with no annoying shine, while the archival inks we use mean the vibrant colors of your art print will last for ages. Art prints are a great choice if you are looking for a very special piece of art that you will be able to take with you on the entirety of your medical journey as a med student, or if you would like to get an affordable long-lasting home or office decor that does not look cheap and provides a great viewing experience of the artwork.

  • Risk-free Shopping and Flexible Returns

We appreciate everyone interested in our work, so we make sure your shopping with us is risk-free and secured by latest SSL technologies. Our return policies are very simple and straight forward - if you don't like your item for any reason just return it within 30 days of receipt and we will refund the purchase. As easy as that!

  • Safe Tracked International Shipping

Our art prints and other medical gifts are packed safely to endure the long journey. Shipment is tracked, so your favorite items won't get lost. Besides, we ship to every corner of the world! All orders over $65 are shipped for free.

  • We Truly Care About Your Experience

We aim to reply to your emails in 24 hours. We are a small team, but we are always there to help you with any inquiries. Should you have any questions, comments or requests - please let us know and will be happy to help! We’re always here for you so full peace of mind guaranteed, just drop us a line if you have any questions.



Over the years we have been supported by a community of amazing medical professionals and anatomy enthusiasts from all around the globe. We now have over 240,000 followers on Instagram and over 40,000 newsletter subscribers, which is crazy! As a community we have fun together through collaborating on creative, charitable and educational projects related to anatomy, we host weekly quizzes and run monthly giveaways, support one another when times are hard and celebrate our successes together. Feel free to join us, it would be lovely to have you on board 🤗

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